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     New one starts in January 2018


Mom's Latin Workshop


Cost: $80/for 4 intensive workshop sessions

Tutor: Beth Harvey


Have you been dabbling around with Latin for years, but wish that you could actually read and compose a Latin sentence? This is your chance to intensively study the grammar and syntax of Latin. By the end you will be able to express a few things in Latin, and much more easily translate and read Latin passages. And best of all, you will have great fellowship and fun with others while doing so!  ...Click here for more details!




          New book study coming in Spring of 2018


The Trivium -A Parents' Workshop


Text: Beauty in the Word by Stratford Caldecott (and other books)

Charlotte Area Meetings - In the flesh in Mint Hill!  9:00 am, June 17, July 29, August 19, (usually the 3rd Saturday of each month)


Moderator: Beth Harvey


Why is the Trivium an important concept in education? And, moreover, what is it? We will be studying the original concept of the trivium, as the three aspects of the art of communication. As we read some seminal works on this, I hope that you will begin to understand the power of a deep understanding of language--and the way it is essential to human fellowship and love, and therefore to education. There will be many other books referenced in this series of discussions; a syllabus and list of them will be available soon. Join us and explore the original idea of the trivium.


Economics in One Lesson

      (Spread out over 6 weeks!)


Dates: June 13 - July 25, 2017

Day & Time: Tuesday,  7:00 pm ET

Tutor: Everett Harvey


Cost:  $180


An introduction to economics that makes sense! Using this classic book by Hazlitt, Mr. Harvey is looking forward to sharing his favorite subject with others.  He will be adding some interesting resources to this intensive workshop and making it great fun!  ...More details coming soon!


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