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Intensive Course in Latin 2


Dates:  Tues./Wed./Thursdays - June 5- August 23, 2018

Time:  10:30 - 11:30 am ET   

Cost: $580

Tutor: Beth Harvey

48 live online sessions, plus other resources.


This will be a very intensive summer class--with homework due four times a week! The student will be able to earn a full credit in Latin 2. (The due dates at the end of the summer will be very flexible, to provide for the last minute vacations that we like to take!)


Btw, this is perfect for the adult who has been studying beginning Latin a lot, and really wishes that they could leap forward in their knowledge...  Have you been dabbling around with Latin for years, but wish that you could actually read and compose real Latin sentences? This is your chance to intensively study the grammar and syntax of Latin. By the end of the summer the student will be reading passages from the Latin Vulgate and from St. Augustine's Confessions!  And best of all, you will have great fun with others while doing so!  ...Click here for more details!


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