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New! Affordable Seminar Courses!

(All are either one semester or full year courses.)

Ancient to Modern History

The Greeks & Romans

The Middle Ages

The Renaissance & Reformation

                                   ....and more, into the 20th century!

Study Great Books 

Study the classic works of Homer, Virgil, and Dante with other kindred spirits in a very non-intimidating way. We discuss them online once a month (or face to face in some areas).

What are “Seminar Courses” like?

The Seminar Course utilizes a combination of prerecorded lectures, resources, and books--plus weekly, live discussion sessions. The live sessions will be recorded, plus there will be recorded lectures either available free from Youtube, or they will be considered part of the curriculum which you need to purchase (e.g. Teaching Company dvds). The live, online sessions are led by one of our tutors who has studied the materials and loves this subject, and most often will have expertise in the area. There will also be opportunities for the students to make their own presentations of what they've been learning. The grading of assignments is done by the parent, but most of the seminar courses will include regular online quizzes over the material.

Our seminar courses provide the best of both worlds:

the flexibility of an asynchronous course with the help and fun of a live class!

Plus, they are truly affordable online courses.


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