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These are our traditional year-long courses. The tutors meet weekly or twice weekly with a small group of students: a minimum number of 6 and maximum of 15.

Classical Latin

Introductory Latin


Tutor: Mrs. Elisabeth Harvey

Cost: $145/ semester

Live Session Meets: Mondays 1:30 –2:15 p.m. EST  (Sept. 11 - May 14)

Text: Latina Ponti. Text-Workbook. Elisabeth W. Harvey, 2012 (Paperback and e-book versions available at 


Samples of the Recorded Lessons.

Intro Latin Course Description.docx
Microsoft Word document [15.6 KB]
Latin 1
Textbook: Latin for the New Millenium: Level 1  (We finish about 14 chapters of this text, since it is so rich!)
Day and Times:  M/W 9:30 - 10:30 am ET
Tutor: Mrs. Beth Harvey
Cost: $580/ year
                Latin 2
Textbook: Latin for the New Millenium: Level 1  (We will spend most of the year finishing this text well. Rather than rushing through it, since it is so rich!)
Day and Times:  T/Th 11:00 - 12:10 pm ET
Tutor: Mrs. Beth Harvey
Cost: $580/ year
Intensive 2 Week Summer Review of Concepts

Would you like to enter our Latin II, but you have been studying a different text?  

Dates: August 7- 18, 2017 (Mon - Fri)

Time: 3:00 - 4:00 pm ET  (Sessions will be recorded in case a student must miss one.)

Tutor: Beth Harvey

Cost: $90, if enrolled in our LNM 2. Otherwise this summer class is $180.00 


This review is especially for those students who would like to enter our LNM II course in the Fall, but who have been studying a different curriculum in Latin I, such as Henle, Latin Alive, or Wheelock's.... (read more)

2017 Latin I Description.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [129.0 KB]
2017 Latin II Description.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [615.7 KB]
Latin 3

Textbook: Latin for the New Millenium: Level 2 

Days and Times: M/W 11:00 - 12:15 am ET

Tutor:  Beth Harvey

Cost: $580/ year

Prerequisite: Permission of Tutor

Yes, we use Level 2 in the Latin 3 course! LNM 2 covers all the uses of the subjunctive mood, and all other advanced grammar concepts. The class will be finishing up LNM Level 2 in this year, along with practicing reading passages of unadapted Latin from various classical authors.  Latin For the New Millennium 3 willl be used in our 4th year of Latin.  We believe that plenty of practice using the advanced Latin concepts is the best way to prepare a student for excellent work in AP Latin.

Courses Planned for Future Years:



Advanced Latin  


Days and Times:  TBD

Textbook: *Free* materials developed by Dr. Grote for study of the AP Latin Syllabus.

Cost: $750/ year

Prerequisite: Permission of Tutor

Need to study for the AP Latin exam? Dr. Grote is an experienced tutor in classical studies, and especially in AP Latin, having offered his expertise to students numerous times before to prepare for the AP Latin exam. His more than 50 students have averaged 4.6 out of 5 points possible on the exam. 

Class Size: Minimum number of 6 - Maximum 12



Feasting on Dante: A Five Course Literature Class

Chef: Dr. Grace Kosloski

   Appetizer One: The Aeneid: Literary Precursor to Dante

   Appetizer Two: A Brief Introduction to Rhetoric

   Intermezzo:  Confessions of St. Augustine

   Main Course: Reading, Reflecting and Writing through the Divine Comedy

   Dessert: Excerpt from Canterbury Tales by Chaucer


Day and Time:  Friday, 1:00pm - 2:30pm ET

Prix Fixe: $580 per person (bring your own books and beverages) 


Texts and Resources: Virgil’s Aeneid, Augustine’s Confessions, Crider’s Office of Assertion: An Art of Rhetoric for the Academic Essay, The Divine Comedy. Dante’s Divine Comedy by Professors Cook and Herzman. Publisher: The Great Courses (Teaching Company)  

Course Description:
2017-2018 Dante Course.docx
Microsoft Word document [9.4 KB]


Rhetoric and Prose Analysis of C. S. Lewis:

Essays, Allegory, Satire, and Myth


Tutor: Grace Kosloski, PhD

Days and Times: M/W (starting Wednesday, September 6, 2017)

Time: 3:00 pm – 4:15 pm ET

Textbooks: The Office of Assertion; 4 Walking to Wisdom Literature Guides published by Classical Academic Press; 4 works by C. S. Lewis: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Last Battle, The Screwtape Letters, and Till We Have Faces

Syllabus for Rhetoric I
2017 Rhetoric Lewis.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [130.9 KB]




Rhetoric II: Thinking with Socrates


Tutor: Grace Kosloski

Days: T /Th  (starting Tuesday, September 5, 2017)

Time: 3:00 pm – 4:15 pm ET

Text: Think with Socrates by Paul Herrick

Rhetoric II: Critical Thinking with Socrates introduces the 10th - 12th grade high school student to critical thinking, using the methods, life, and ideas of Socrates.

Syllabus for Rhetoric II
Rhetoric II Thinking With Socrates.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [106.2 KB]

More Courses in the Planning:

A unique combination of live weekly seminars with asynchronous courses...


  • Greeks and Romans
  • The Middle Ages
  • The Renaissance
  • U.S. History



  • Homer 
  • Virgil
  • Arthurian Romance
  • Dostoevsky

  • The 20th C. Novel


The Trivium

  • Aristotle's Rhetoric 
  • Traditional Logic
  • Classical Latin
  • English Grammar


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How Do the Online Courses Work?

Our courses meet once or twice a week via WizIq, an online, virtual classroom in which teachers and student can interact in real time. The teacher speaks into a microphone, shows video clips, draws on the "blackboard," puts up pictures, charts, etc. Students can respond with a question or a comment by "raising their hand" and either typing into a chat box or speaking aloud. Students may also "come to the blackboard" to participate in exercises.

In addition to live interaction, our online courses include graded assignments, homework, and a final grade suitable for a high school transcript. Teachers will usually email worksheets, tests, and other assignments to students, who will complete them on their honor. Outside of class, teachers can be reached by phone or email. The sessions are usually recorded and available to the student for review.


Read more about our tuition and registration policies by downloading this:  Click here.


To find out more about the conferencing program we use go to Zoom.

Individual Tutoring Information

Many of the tutors are delighted to provide one-to-one tutoring for students in their area of expertise. They all have experience in providing individualized programs of study for students. 

For Latin Tutoring:
Tutoring Rates - Beth Harvey.pdf
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For Writing and Literature Tutoring:
Tutoring Rates-Grace Kosloski.pdf
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